Meet the New ISTL Editorial Board Members


It is time to introduce our new board members. They joined in January of this year, and I haven't taken the time to introduce them. I would like to do that now.

Ginny Boehme of Miami University is the new editor for the "Tips from the Experts" column.

Rosalinda Linares of Fort Lewis College is the new editor for the "Webliographies" column.

Wynn Tranfield of UCLA is the new editor for the "There's an App for That" column.

Mea Warren of the University of Houston is the new editor for the "Viewpoints" column.

And finally, our new Production Editor is Marina Zhang  of the University of Iowa.

My thanks to our new and continuing editors for all the work they've done this year. Please keep in mind that ISTL also publishes refereed articles  (editors are Michael Fosmire of Purdue University and David Hubbard of Texas A&M University), Electronic Resources Reviews, and Short Communications (both edited by Nestor Osorio of Northern Illinois University) as well.

If you are interested in submitting an article for ISTL, please visit our website.