Curiosity as Outreach: Flipping Outreach on its Head

Keywords: outreach, curiosity


Science and Engineering Library staff at the University of Massachusetts Amherst visited several sites on campus in a novel outreach initiative that involved all nine staff members taking “field trips” without agendas. We demonstrate that outreach without the explicit goal of promoting a specific resource or service can be an effective use of time, and can build social capital that shares the goals of traditional outreach. Involving all staff in this outreach effort was a valuable team building experience, exposing the depth of our interests and expertise to each other and to our campus community.

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BorregoP., GrahamA., LutzE., RadikM., & Reznik-ZellenR. (2020). Curiosity as Outreach: Flipping Outreach on its Head. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, (94).
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