Information overload in healthcare management: How the READ Portal is helping healthcare managers

Alyssa Green


Abstract: Information overload is a serious threat to the productivity of healthcare managers. Instead of facilitating informed decision making, an overabundance of information actually impedes managers from negotiating information effectively. There are many methods of dealing with information overload, one of which is the use of web infomediaries as a source of information. The University of British Colummbia’s Centre for Health Care management’s READ Portal ( is an example of an infomediary that is striving to help healthcare managers overcome the effects of information overload. This portal aggregates content from numerous high-quality sources, which is then hosted in one easy to access location. Content is condensed into brief abstracts and synopses that are easy to ingest and includes links to full-text articles and papers that viewers can either choose to visit or not, depending on their needs. The READ Portal can be used as a model for other organizations looking to meet the information needs of managers without overwhelming them with excessive information.

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