Participative management in a public school of the periphery in Distrito Federal: A good way?

Magali Fátima Evangelista Machado, Olzeni Leite Costa Ribeiro, Marcelino Tameirão-Machado


The present article has as an aim to assess the data of a school based education on the periphery area in Distrito Federal and that has been obtaining, according to the results of the National System of Basic Education Assessment (SAEB) and Prova Brasil, successive increase in the rank of the Index of Development of Basic Education (IDEB) in the years 2005, 2007 and 2009 and that works the participative management by means of discussions among the head of the school, teachers, students and their parents. The IDEB refers to the quality indicator, created by the federal government that integrates the aims of the Development Plan of Education (PDE). The IDEB is calculated based on the performance of students in institutional evaluations of Portuguese and Mathematics, data of failure, school dropout and rates of the students passing in examinations. As a main objective, the article has a proposal to present these results and discuss the proposed actions by the head of the school and the parents’ participation, teachers, staff and students.

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