Information and wisdom in the practice of knowledge

Satoru Nakagawa


Extending current theories, this paper merges binarized western and Indigenous ideologies into a fused “one world” view by addressing how two knowledge systems—namely wisdom-based knowledge (WBK) and information-based knowledge (IBK) articulate together. I suggest that current educational systems worldwide are based on IBK, which is replacing and/or annexing the WBK of Indigenous societies. I argue that if WBK is the first imprint on children, then WBK will form their ideological foundation. Noting that those of us who have higher education are recognized by the dominant society and within our own societies as authorities, I suggest that those of us with higher degrees need to change our positions from “information providers and brokers” to “warriors of the truth” (Alfred, 2004, p. 95) against the hegemony of dominant cultures.

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