Sexual Violence and HIV/AIDS in Kenyan & Ugandan Schools: Social Implications for Education Policy Development

Njoki Wane


With sexual violence becoming widespread in Kenyan and other schools in the region, this paper specifically investigates problems of sexual assault and the heightened risks of HIV/AIDS in Kenyan and Ugandan schools. The paper is based on research undertaken in the concerned areas in 2006. To provide an effective descriptive and, by extension, analytical backdrop for the case, the paper provides important background information based on available literature on sexual violence in schools. As noted below, some of the major factors contributing to increased cases of sexual violence and rising incidences of HIV/AIDS in Kenyan and Ugandan schools are also presented. With that in place, issues related to policy development and possibilities of implementing those policies to address the problem of sexual violence in Kenyan and Uganda schools are examined, with recommendations for policies and programs provided.

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