Challenges of Implementation of e learning in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (MSTE) in African schools: A Critical Review

Samson Gunga


This paper discusses the general ICT challenges in education and poses questions, the attempt of whose answers establish the manner in which e-learning technology could be appropriate for understanding and communicating the structures of mathematics and science. Challenges in understanding mathematics and science arise out of the interaction between these two intertwined yet disparate disciplines. While mathematical proof is established deductively and hence conclusive and not amenable to confutation in a logically possible world, scientific truth is established inductively on probable yet utilitarian grounds in the actual world. While challenges in implementation of the understanding of mathematics and science through technology arise from social and infrastructural issues related to ICT in African environment, the difficulty posed by challenges of communicating the principles of understanding the structure of mathematics and science are not yet insurmountable. An attempt to bring into coherence the mathematical and scientific understanding through e-learning instructional paradigm in quasi-philosophic terms is the main subject of this paper.

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