Zechariah 8 As Revision and Digest of Zechariah 1–7

  • Elie Assis


It is generally accepted that Zech 1–8 consists of two distinct sections: Zech 1–6 and Zech 7–8. This article argues that the main divide is between chapters 1–7 and ch. 8. Zech 8 is a collection of oracles that offers a revision and digest of sections of the previous chapters in Zech 1–7. These oracles re-quote key phrases of units in Zech 1–7, re-word similar ideas, or use different wordings for similar ideas. Texts in Zech 8, at times, modify those they parallel or complete them. In addition, this article shows that a characteristic feature of many of the literary units in chapter 8, in comparison with chapters 1–7, is that they emphasize greater hope and comfort.
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