Composition, Rhetoric and Theology in Haggai 1:1–11

Elie Assis


The present analysis of Haggai 1:4-11 points at a
sophisticated structure that differs at some points from those widely accepted.
In addition, while some scholars explain the complexity of the passage as a
composite process of formation, this paper has shown a well structured sermon
designed to influence an adversary audience. The first part of the prophet’s
words (1:4-6) is meant to demonstrate to the people their erroneous approach.
The second part (1:7-9) intends to show the people the right way. The last part
of Haggai’s words (1:10-11) construes the economic stress in terms of the
covenantal relationship between God and Yehud that continues to play a central
role, as in the pre-destruction period.

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