New Studies in Chronicles: A Discussion of Two Recently-Published Commentaries

Melody D. Knowles, Christine Mitchell, Klaus Baltzer, Ehud Ben Zvi, Steven J. Schweitzer, John W. Wright, Gary N. Knoppers


Long considered derivative and hopelessly ideological, the
book of Chronicles is re-engaging the scholarly community, as noted by a recent
spate of articles and commentaries. This article presents a panel discussion on
two of these commentaries written by Steven L. McKenzie and Gary N. Knoppers.
The original discussion was held in Philadelphia (Nov. 20, 2005), during a
session of the Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah Section of the Society of Biblical
Literature. Included are the presentations of Ehud Ben Zvi, John Wright, Steven
James Schweitzer and Klaus Baltzer, as well as the responses from McKenzie and
Knoppers. In addition, this article includes a review of Knoppers’ commentary by
Christine Mitchell.

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