Text - Reader - Author: Towards a Theory of Exegesis: Some European Viewpoints

Helmut Utzschneider


The starting point of the article is a triple crisis of
the traditional historical exegesis of the OT. Proposed is a "theory of
exegesis" which offers a basis for transformations of traditional questions and
methods and which offers "interfaces" for both, the integration of recent trends
of literary sciences and the dialog with non-academic, contextual approaches.
The (biblical) text is basically understood as an "aesthetic subject" in order
to stress that the interrelation between the text and its readers proceeds from
the productive encounter between both. As "co-ordinates" of the theory function
U. Eco's three "intentions of interpretation" and their relations: the "intentio
operis" which opens the perspective on descriptive text theories, the "intentio
lectoris" which integrates "aesthetics of reception" and the "intentio auctoris"
which offers the link to the traditional historical-critical exegesis.

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