Vol 12 (2012)

Volume 12

Table of Contents


Al Wolters
Edward J Bridge
Kåre Berge
Oded Lipschits
Paul S Evans
Wolfgang Oswald
Cynthia R Chapman
Alexander Andrason
Jeremy M Hutton , Safwat Marzouk
Matthijs J De Jong
BD Cox , S Ackerman
Elie Assis
Michael Avioz
Medieval Jewish Exegesis on Dual Incipits
Isaac B Gottlieb
Keeping the Faithful: Persuasive Strategies in Psalms 4 and 62
Davida Charney
Stones on Display in Joshua 6: The Linguistic Tree Constructor as a "PLOT" Tool
Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
God and the Sea in Job 38
Collin Robinson Cornell


Review of Schmitt, Rüdiger, Der “Heilige Krieg” im Pentateuch und im deuteronomistischen Geschichtswerk: Studien zur Forschungs-, Rezeptions- und Religionsgeschichte von Krieg und Bann im Alten Testament
Jacob L Wright
Review of Moore, Anne, Moving Beyond Symbol and Myth: Understanding the Kingship of God of the Hebrew Bible through Metaphor
Beth M Stovell
Review of Roitman, Adolfo D., Biblia, Exégesis y Religión: Una lectura crítico-histórica del judaísmo
Natalio Fernzndéz Marcos
Review of Gilmour, Rachelle, Representing the Past: A Literary Analysis of Narrative Historiography in the Book of Samuel
Dan Pioske
Review of Saxegaard, Kristin M., Character Complexity in the Book of Ruth
Peter Lau
Review of Duggan, Michael W., The Consuming Fire: A Christian Guide to the Old Testament
Sonya Kostamo
Review of Hutton, Jeremy, The Transjordanian Palimpsest: The Overwritten Texts of Personal Exile and Transformation in the Deuteronomistic History
Klaus-Peter Adam
Review of Dalley, Stephanie, Esther's Revenge at Susa: From Sennacherib to Ahasuerus
Maria Brosius
Review of Rösel, Harmut N., Joshua
Philippe Guillaume
Review of Gärtner-Brereton, Luke, The Ontology of Space in Biblical Hebrew Narrative: The Determinate Function of Narrative “Space” within the Biblical Hebrew Aesthetic (BibleWorld; Oakville, CT; Equinox, 2008).
Robert C Kashow
Review of Dozeman, Thomas B., Exodus
William Morrow
Review of Hackett, Jo Ann, A Basic Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
Jason Jackson
Review of Hagedorn, Anselm C. and Andrew Mein, eds., Aspects of Amos: Exegesis and Interpretation
M Daniel Carroll
Review of Zahn, Molly M., Rethinking Rewritten Scripture: Composition and Exegesis in the 4QReworked Pentateuch Manuscripts
William A Tooman
Review of Ahn, John J., Exile as Forced Migrations: A Sociological, Literary, and Theological Approach on the Displacement and Resettlement of the Southern Kingdom of Judah (BZAW, 417; Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, 2011). Pp. xviii + 306. Hardback. €89.95.
Bob Becking
Review of Walton, John H., Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology (Winona Lake, Ind.; Eisenbrauns, 2011). Pp. 214. Cloth. $34.50. ISBN 978-1-57506-216-7.
Izaak J de Hulster
Review of Oshima, Takayoshi, Babylonian Prayers to Marduk (Orientalische Religionen in der Antike, 7; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011). Pp. xviii + 483. Cloth. €119.00; ISBN 978-3-16-150831-8.
Scott C Jones
Review of Kratz, Reinhard G., Prophetenstudien: Kleine Schriften II (FAT, 74; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011). Pp. x + 420. Hardback. €99.00; ISBN 978-3-16-150713-7.
Jakob Wöhrle
Review of Kartveit, Magnar, The Origin of the Samaritans (VTSup, 128; Leiden: Brill, 2009). Pp. xiv + 405. Hardcover. US$185.00. ISBN 978-90-04-1-78199-9.
Reinhard Pummer
Review of Trevaskis, Leigh M., Holiness, Ethics and Ritual in Leviticus (HBM, 29; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2011). Pp. 300. Hardcover. US$120.00. ISBN 978-1-906-05598-1.
Roy E Gane
Review of Niesiołowski-Spanò, Łukasz, Origin Myths and Holy Places in the Old Testament: A Study of Aetiological Narratives (Translated by Jacek Laskowski; Copenhagen International Seminar; London & Oakville: Equinox, 2011). Pp. xii + 299. US $95.00. Hard
Eric Ortlund
Review of Black, Fiona, The Artifice of Love: Grotesque Bodies and the Song of Songs (LHBOTS, 392; New York/London: T&T Clark, 2009). Pp. 304. Hardcover. US$125.00. ISBN 978-0-826-46985-4.
Julia M O'Brien
Review of Seitz, Christopher R., The Goodly Fellowship of the Prophets: The Achievement of Association in Canon Formation (Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology; Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2009). Pp. 136. Paperback. US$20.00. ISBN 978-0-8010-3883-9.
Mark E Biddle
Review of Fox, Michael V., Proverbs 10–31: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (AB, 18B; New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2009). Pp. xix + 728. US $60.00. Hardcover. ISBN 978-0-300-14209-9.
Christine Roy Yoder
Review of Oeste, Gordon, K., Legitimacy, Illegitimacy, and the Right to Rule: Windows on Abimelech's Rise and Demise in Judges 9 (LHBOTS, 546; New York: T&T Clark, 2011). Pp. 288. Hardcover. US $140.00. ISBN 978-0-567-23783-5.
Lissa M Wray Beal
Review of Eskenazi, Tamara Cohn and Tikva Frymer-Kensky, Ruth (JPS Bible Commentary; Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society, 2011). Pp. lxxv + 103. Hardcover. US$40.00. ISBN 0-8276-07744-6.
Timothy J Stone
Review of Frevel, Christian, ed., Mixed Marriages: Intermarriage and Group Identity in the Second Temple Period (LHBOTS, 547; New York: T&T Clark International, 2011). Pp. xi + 337. Hardcover. US$150.00. ISBN 978-0-567-31050-7.
Steven J Schweitzer
Review of Linafelt, Tod, Claudia V. Camp, and Timothy Beal, eds., The Fate of King David: The Past and Present of a Biblical Icon (LHBOTS, 500; New York/London: T&T Clark, 2010). Pp. xxxi + 352. US $170.00. Hardcover. ISBN: 978-0-567-51546-9.
David B Schreiner
Review of Dearman, J. Andrew, The Book of Hosea (NICOT; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2010). Pp. xiv + 408. Hardcover. US $45.00. ISBN 978-0802-82539-1.
Anna E Sieges
Review of Stromberg, Jacob, Isaiah After Exile: The Author of Third Isaiah as Reader and Redactor of the Book (OTM; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011). Pp. 322. Hardcover. US$125.00. ISBN 978-0-199-59391-0.
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
Review of Wood, Alice, Of Wings and Wheels: A Synthetic Study of the Biblical Cherubim (BZAW, 385; Berlin and New York: de Gruyter, 2008). Pp. xi + 253. Hardcover. US$105.00. ISBN 978-3-11-020528-2.
Michael Hundley
Review of Houtman, Alberdina and Harry Sysling, Alternative Targum Traditions: The Use of Variant Readings for the Study in Origin and History of Targum Jonathan (Studies in the Aramaic Interpretation of Scripture, 9; Leiden: Brill, 2009). Pp. xiii + 304.
William Tooman
Review of Kupfer, Christian, Mit Israel auf dem Weg durch die Wüste: eine leseorientierte Exegese der Rebellionstexte in Exodus 15:22–17:7 und Numeri 11:1–20:13 (OTS, 61; Leiden: Brill, 2012). Pp. ix + 290. Hardcover. US$129.00 €94.00; ISBN 978-90-04-2091
Nathan MacDonald
Review of Hundley, Michael B., Keeping Heaven on Earth: Safeguarding the Divine Presence in the Priestly Tabernacle (FAT II, 50; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011). Pp. xvi + 250. Cloth. €59.00; ISBN 978-3-16-150697-0.
Mark K George
Review of Way, Kenneth C., Donkeys in the Biblical World: Ceremony and Symbol (History, Archaeology, and Culture of the Levant, 2; Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2011). Pp. xvi + 272. Hardcover. US $49.50. ISBN 978-1-57506-213-6.
Gerald A Klingbeil
Review of Harvey, Bruce J., YHWH Elohim: A Survey of Occurrences in the Leningrad Codex and their Corresponding Septuagintal Renderings (LHBOTS 537; Hebrew Bible and its Versions 6; London/New York: T&T Clark, 2011). Pp. xx + 252. Hardcover. US$120.00. IS
Michael P Knowles
Review of Kalimi, Isaac (ed.), New Perspectives on Ezra-Nehemiah: History and Historiography, Text, Literature, and Interpretation (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2012). Pp. xv + 296. Hardcover. US$49.50. ISBN 978-1-57506-233-4.
Steven J Schweitzer
Review of VanderKam, James C., The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012). Pp. 188 + xiv. Paperback. US$25.00. ISBN 978-0-8028-6679-0.
Robert C Kashow
Review of Coomber, Matthew J. M. (ed.), Bible and Justice: Ancient Texts, Modern Challenges (London: Equinox, 2011). Pp. ix + 247. Softcover. US$29.95. ISBN 978-1-845-55327-8.
Shannon E Baines
Review of Hays, Christopher B., Death in the Iron Age II and in First Isaiah (FAT, 79; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011). Pp. 445. Hardcover. €129.00; ISBN 978-3-16-150785-4.
Konrad Schmid
Review of Lee, Kyong-Jin, The Authority and Authorization of Torah in the Persian Period (Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology, 64; Leuven, Peeters, 2011). Pp. x + 296. Paperback. €46.00. ISBN 978-90-429-2578-6.
James W Watts
Review of Carr, David M., The Formation of the Hebrew Bible: A New Reconstruction (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2011). Pp. vii+524. Hardcover. $74.00. ISBN 978-0-19-974260-8.
Timothy J Stone
Review of Van Seters, John, The Biblical Saga of King David (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2009). Pp. xiv + 386. Hardcover. $49.50. ISBN 978-1-57506-170-2.
David B Schreiner
Review of Stead, Michael R., The Intertextuality of Zechariah 1–8 (LHBOTS, 506; London: T&T Clark, 2009). Pp. xiii + 312. Hardcover. GBP£70.00. ISBN 978-0-56729-172-1.
Garrick V Allen
Review of Ben Zvi, Ehud and Diana V. Edelman (eds.), What Was Authoritative for Chronicles? (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2011). Pp. viii + 268. Hardcover. US$39.50. ISBN 978-1-57506-28-1.
Paul L Redditt
Review of Kalimi, Isaac (ed.), Jewish Bible Theology: Perspectives and Case Studies (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2012). Pp. xii + 276. Hardcover. US$49.50. ISBN 978-1-57506-231-0.
Joseph Ryan Kelly
Review of Assis, Elie, Flashes of Fire: A Literary Analysis of the Song of Songs (LHBOTS, 503; London: T&T Clark, 2009). Pp 304. Hardcover. US$130.00. ISBN: 978-0-567-02764-1.
Richard S Hess
Review of Nam, Roger S., Portrayals of Economic Exchange in the Book of Kings (BIS, 112; Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2012). Pp. 222. Hardcover. US$135.00. ISBN 978-9-00422-393-6.
Oded Lipschits , Ido Koch
Review of Stone, M. E., Ancient Judaism: New Visions and Views (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2011). Pp. xiv + 256. Paperback. US$30.00. ISBN 978-0-80286-363-3.
Anthony R Meyer
Review of Hagelia, Hallvard, Three Old Testament Theologies for Today: Helge S. Kvanvig, Walter Brueggemann and Erhard Gerstenberger (HBM, 44; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2012). Pp. xvi + 205. Hardcover. US$80.00. ISBN 978-1-907534-02-7.
James K Mead
Review of Hornsby, Teresa J. and Ken Stone (eds.), Bible Trouble: Queer Readings at the Boundaries of Biblical Scholarship (Semeia Studies, 67; Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature, 2011). Pp. xiv + 355. Paperback. US$46.95. ISBN 978-1-58983-552-8.
Steven J Schweitzer
Review of Ulrich, Eugene and Peter W. Flint, with a contribution by Martin G. Abegg, Jr., Qumran Cave 1, II: The Isaiah Scrolls. Part 1: Plates and Transcriptions; Part 2: Introductions, Commentary, and Textual Variants (DJD, XXXII; Oxford: Clarendon, 201
Robert D Holmstedt
Review of Goldingay, John and Pamela J. Scalise, Minor Prophets II (NIBCOT; Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 2009). Pp. xiv+392. Paperback. US$19.99. ISBN 9781842276655.
Robert C Kashow
Review of Thomas, Matthew A., These are the Generations: Identity, Covenant and the ‘Toledot’ Formula (LHBOTS, 551; New York: T&T Clark, 2011). Pp. xx + 176. Hardcover. US$120.00. ISBN 978-0-57615-141-4.
Carol Kaminski
Review of Lim, Timothy H. and John J. Collins (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Dead Sea Scrolls (OHRT; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010). Pp. xx+768. Hardback. US$150.00. ISBN 9780199207237.
Eileen M Schuller
Review of Joyce, Paul M. and Andrew Mein (eds.), After Ezekiel: Essays on the Reception of A Difficult Prophet (LHBOTS, 535; New York: T&T Clark, 2011). Pp. xvi + 282. Hardcover. US$130.00. ISBN 978-0-567-53369-2.
Risa Levitt Kohn
Review of Moore, Megan Bishop and Brad E. Kelle, Biblical History and Israel's Past: The Changing Study of the Bible and History (Grand Rapids, MI and Cambridge, UK: W. B. Eerdmans, 2011). Pp. xvii + 518. Paperback. US$46.00. ISBN 9780802862600.
John Van Seters
Review of Franke, Chris and Julia M. O'Brien (eds.), The Aesthetics of Violence in the Prophets (LHBOTS, 517; New York: T&T Clark, 2010). Pp. xii + 187. US$120.00. ISBN 978-0-56754-811-5.
Joel Barker
Review of Theocharous, Myrto, Lexical Dependence and Intertextual Allusion in the Septuagint of the Twelve Prophets: Studies in Hosea, Amos and Micah (LHBOTS, 570; London: T&T Clark, 2012). Pp. xvi + 292. Hardcover. US$130.00. ISBN 978-0-567-10564-6.
W Edward Glenny
Review of Baden, Joel S., The Composition of the Pentateuch. Renewing the Documentary Hypothesis (New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 2012). Pp. x + 378. Hardcover. US$65.00. ISBN 978-0-300-15263-0.
Mark A O'Brien
Review of Lim, Bo H., The ‘Way of the Lord’ in the Book of Isaiah (LHBOT, 522; London/New York: T & T Clark, 2010). Pp. 224. Hardcover. US$110.00. ISBN 9780567027634.
Kevin Chau
Review of Bartor, Assnat, Reading Law as Narrative: A Study in the Casuistic Laws of the Pentateuch (SBLAIL, 5; Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature; Leiden: Brill, 2010). Pp. 219. Hardcover. US$138.00. ISBN 978-9-004-17800-7. Paperback. US$27.96.
Jonathan Vroom
Review of Finitsis, Antonios, Visions and Eschatology: A Socio-Historical Analysis of Zechariah 1–6 (LSTS, 79; New York/London: T & T Clark, 2011). Pp. 208. Hardcover. US$110.00. ISBN 978-0-567-43098-4.
Wolter H Rose