Vol 13 (2013)

Volume 13

Table of Contents


Yahweh’s Breast: Interpreting Haggai’s Temple through Melanie Klein’s Projective Identification Theory
Jeremiah W. Cataldo
The Qumran Scrolls of the Book of Judges: Literary Formation, Textual Criticism, and Historical Linguistics
Robert Rezetko
The Use of Leviticus in Ezra- Nehemiah
Hannah K Harrington
An Optative Indicative? A Real Factual Past? Toward A Cognitive-Typological Approach to the Precative Qatal
Alexander Andrason
"It Is Not Right For a Man Who Worships God to Repay His Neighbor Evil For Evil": Christian Ethics in Joseph and Aseneth (Chapters 22–29)
Rivka Nir
Scripturalization and the Aaronide Dynasties
James W Watts
Josephus, Antiquities 10.180–82, Jeremiah, and Nebuchadnezzar
Craig W Tyson
Creation in Collision? Isaiah 40–48 and Zoroastrianism, Babylonian Religion and Genesis 1
Tina Dykesteen Nilsen


Review of Ortega Monasterio, Mª Teresa, José Manuel Sánchez Caro, and Guadalupe Seijas de los Ríos, A través de los siglos: Historia del texto bíblico (Estella (Navarra): Editorial Verbo Divino, 2012). Pp. 94. Softcover. €15.00. ISBN 978-84-9945-308-8.
Andrés Piquer Otero
Review of Lilly, Ingrid E., Two Books of Ezekiel: Papyrus 967 and the Masoretic Text as Variant Literary Editions (VTSup, 150; Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2012). Pp. xx + 372. Hardcover. $196.00. ISBN 978-9-00420-674-8.
Penelope Barter
Review of Galvin, Garrett, Egypt as a Place of Refuge (FAT, II/51; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011). Pp. xv + 230. Sewn paper. €59.00. ISBN 978-3-16-150816-5.
Safwat Marzouk
Review of Ansberry, Christopher B., Be Wise, My Son, and Make My Heart Glad: An Exploration of the Courtly Nature of the Book of Proverbs (BZAW, 422; Berlin: de Gruyter, 2011). Pp. 240. Hardcover. US$154.00. ISBN 978-3-110-24790-9.
Edward Ho
Review of Weeks, Stuart, Ecclesiastes and Scepticism (LHBOTS, 541; New York: T & T Clark, 2012). Pp. 240. Hardcover. US$130.00. ISBN 978-0-567-25288-3.
Doug Ingram
Review of Hartenstein, Friedhelm and Bernd Janowski, Psalmen (BKAT, XV/1, Lieferung 1; Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener, 2012). Pp. 80. Hardcover. €17.99. ISBN 978-3-7887-2212-8.
Scott C Jones
Review of Monroe, Lauren A., Josiah's Reform and the Dynamics of Defilement: Israelite Rites of Violence and the Making of a Biblical Text (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011). Pp. xi + 203. Hardcover. US$74.99. ISBN 978-0-199-77416-6.
Mark Keuchter
Review of Fokkelman, Jan P., The Book of Job in Form: A Literary Translation with Commentary (SSN, 58; Leiden: Brill, 2012). Pp. x + 336. Hardcover. €17.99. ISBN 978-90-04-23158-0.
Amy Erickson
Review of Person, Raymond J., The Deuteronomistic History and the Book of Chronicles: Scribal Works in an Oral World (SBL Ancient Israel and Its Literature, 6; Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature, 2010). Pp. 218. Paperback. US$26.95. ISBN 978-1-58
Sean E Cook
Review of Feldmeier, Reinhard and Hermann Spieckermann, God of the Living: A Biblical Theology (translated by Mark E. Biddle; Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2011). Pp. 612. Hardcover. US $59.95. ISBN 978-1-602-58394-8.
Joseph Ryan Kelly
Review of Boss, Jeffrey, Human Consciousness of God in the Book of Job: A Theological and Psychological Commentary (London: Continuum, 2010). Pp. 289. Hardcover. US$70.00. ISBN 978-0-56725-389-7.
August H Konkel
Review of Leung Lai, Barbara M., Through the ‘I’-Window: The Inner Life of Characters in the Hebrew Bible (HBM, 34; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2011). Pp. 212. Hardcover. US$95.00. ISBN 978-1-90753-420-1.
D Nathan Phinney
Review of Bergen, David A., Dischronology and Dialogic in the Bible's Primary Narrative (BI, 2; Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2009). Pp. xi + 226. Hardcover. US$131.25. ISBN 978-1-60724-105-8.
Aaron Culp
Review of Ebeling, Jennie R., Women's Lives in Biblical Times (London: T & T Clark, 2010). Pp. 192. Hardcover. £49.50 Paperback £17.99. ISBN 978-0-567-39830-7 (Hardcover) 978-567-19644-6 (Paperback).
Cynthia Shafer-Elliott
Review of Gillmayr-Bucher, Susanne, Erzählte Welten im Richterbuch (Biblical Interpretation Series, 116; Leiden: Brill, 2012). Pp. viii, 315. Hardcover. €101.00 $140.00 ISBN 978-90-04-24389-7.
Philippe Guillaume
Review of Rechberger, Uwe, Von der Klage zum Lob: Studien zum “Stimmungsumschwung” in den Psalmen (WMANT, 133; Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener, 2012). Pp. xii, 399. Hardcover. €64.00 ISBN 978-3-7887-2580-8.
Jakob Wöhrle
Review of Von Heijne, Camilla Hélena, The Messenger of the Lord in Early Jewish Interpretations of Genesis (BZAW, 412; Berlin: de Gruyter, 2010). Pp. xvii, 417. Hardcover. €129.95. $182.00 ISBN 978-3-11-022685-0.
Michael Hundley
Review of Grossman, Maxine L., ed., Rediscovering the Dead Sea Scrolls: An Assessment of Old and New Approaches and Methods (Grand Rapids, MI/Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2010). Pp. xiv + 318. Paperback. US $28.00. ISBN 978-0-8028-4009-7.
Russell D Taylor
Review of Bodner, Keith, Jeroboam's Royal Drama (Biblical Refigurations; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012). Pp. x + 167. Paperback. US$27.95. ISBN 978-0-199-60188-2.
Lissa M Wray Beal
Review of Hall, Sarah Lebhar, Conquering Character: The Characterization of Joshua in Joshua 1–11 (LHBOTS, 512; New York/London: T & T Clark, 2010). Pp. xii + 231. Hardcover. €65.00/US$120.00. ISBN 978-0-567-25703-1.
Gordon Oeste
Review of De Sousa, Rodrigo F., Eschatology and Messianism in LXX Isaiah 1–12 (LHBOTS, 516; HBIV, 4; New York: T & T Clark, 2010). Pp. xiii + 189. Hardcover. US$110.00. ISBN 978-0-56725-819-9.
Anthony R Pyles
Review of Achenbach, Reinhard, Rainer Albertz, and Jakob Wöhrle, eds., The Foreigner and the Law: Perspectives from the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East (BZABR, 16; Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2011). Pp. viii, 180. Hardcover. €54.00 ISBN 978-3-447-0647
Mark A Christian
Review of Reeder, Caryn A.,The Enemy in the Household: Family Violence in Deuteronomy and Beyond (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2012). Pp. viii + 216. Paperback. US$26.99. ISBN 978-0-8010-4828-9.
Robert R Beck
Review of Benjamin, Don C., Stones and Stories: An Introduction to Archaeology and the Bible (Overtures to Biblical Theology; Minneapolis: Fortress, 2009). Pp. 400. Paperback. US$39.00. ISBN 978-0-80062-357-9.
Christopher B ansberry
Review of Barbour, Jennie, The Story of Israel in the Book of Qohelet: Ecclesiastes as Cultural Memory (Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012). Pp. 272. Hardcover. GB£70.00. ISBN 978-0-19-965782-7. ISBN 978-3-11-02
Martin A Shields
Review of Roskop, Angela R., The Wilderness Itineraries: Genre, Geography, and the Growth of Torah (HACL, 3; Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2011). Pp. 311. Hardcover. US$49.50. ISBN 978-1-57506-212-9.
Graham Davies
Review of Oosting, Reinoud, The Role of Zion/Jerusalem in Isaiah 40–55: A Corpus-Linguistic Approach (SSN, 59; Leiden: Brill, 2013). Pp. xiv, 314. Hardcover. €131.00 $182.00 ISBN 978-90-04-23298-3.
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
Review of Kim, Koowon, Incubation as a Type-Scene in the ʾAqhatu, Kirta, and Hannah Stories: A Form-Critical and Narratological Study of KTU 1.14 I–1.15 III, 1.17 I–II, and 1 Samuel 1:1–2:11 (VTSup, 145; Leiden: Brill, 2011). Pp. xiv, 370. Hardcover. €132
Stephen C Russell
Review of Ben Zvi, Ehud and Diana V. Edelman (eds.), The Production of Prophecy: Constructing Prophecy and Prophets in Yehud (London/Oakville, CT: Equinox, 2009). Pp. 235. Paperback. US$39.95. ISBN 978-1-84553-500-1.
Michael H Floyd
Review of Charlesworth, James H. et al. (eds.), Temple Scroll and Related Documents, Vol. 7 of The Dead Sea Scrolls: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations (The Princeton Theological Seminary Dead Sea Scrolls Project; Louisville: Westm
Robert C Kashow
Review of Edelman, Diana V., Philip R. Davies, Christophe Nihan, and Thomas Römer, Opening the Books of Moses (BibleWorld; Sheffield: Equinox, 2012). Pp. 208. Paperback. US$29.95. ISBN 978-84553-685-5.
Jeffrey G Audirsch
Review of Dever, William G., The Lives of Ordinary People in Ancient Israel: Where Archaeology and the Bible Intersect (Grand Rapids/Cambridge, UK: Eerdmans, 2012). Pp. x + 436. Paperback, US$25.00. ISBN: 978-0-8028-6701-8.
John L McLaughlin
Review of Tuell, Steven, Ezekiel (NIBC, 15; Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2009). Pp. xv + 368. Paperback. US$16.95. ISBN 978-1-56563-226-4.
D Nathan Phinney
Review of Matlock, Michael D., Discovering the Traditions of Prose Prayers in Early Jewish Literature (Library of Second Temple Studies, 81; New York/London: T & T Clark, 2012). Pp. xix + 199. US$120.00. ISBN 978-0-567-38384-6.
Rodney Werline
Review of Anderson, Bradford A., Brotherhood and Inheritance: A Canonical Reading of the Esau and Edom Traditions (LHBOTS, 556; New York/London: T & T Clark, 2011). Pp. vii + 264. Hardcover. US$140.00. ISBN 978-0-567-03473-1.
Juan Manuel Tebes
Review of Thelle, Rannfrid. I., Approaches to the Chosen Place: Accessing a Biblical Concept (LHBOTS, 564; London: T & T Clark, 2012). Pp. xiv + 240. Hardcover. US$140.00. ISBN 978-0-567-46807-9.
J Gordon McConville
Review of Human, Dirk J. (ed.), Psalmody and Poetry in Old Testament Ethics (LHBOTS, 572; New York: T & T Clark, 2012). Pp. xiv + 192. US$140.00. Hardcover. ISBN: 978-0-567-28267-5.
Andrew Sloane
Review of Heacock, Anthony, Jonathan Loved David: Manly Love in the Bible and the Hermeneutics of Sex (The Bible in the Modern World, 22; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2011). Pp. Xvii + 181. Hardcover. US$95.00. ISBN 978-1-906055-50-9.
Jonathan Y Rowe
Review of Mathews, Danny, Royal Motifs in the Pentateuchal Portrayal of Moses (LHBOTS, 571; New York: T & T Clark, 2012). Pp. 192. Hardcover. US$130.00. ISBN 978-0-567-11614-7.
David B Schreiner
Review of Johnson, Willa M., The Holy Seed Has been Defiled: The Interethnic Marriage Dilemma in Ezra 9–10 (HBM, 33; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2011). Pp. ix + 134. Hardcover. US$37.50. ISBN 978-1-907534-21-8.
Lisbeth F Fried
Evaluating A New Approach To The Linguistic Dating Of Biblical Texts A review of: Kim, Dong-Hyuk, Early Biblical Hebrew, Late Biblical Hebrew, and Linguistic Variability: A Sociolinguistic Evaluation of the Linguistic Dating of Biblical Texts (VTSup, 156;
Robert Rezetko
Review of Kiel, Micah D., The “Whole Truth”: Rethinking Retribution in the Book of Tobit (Library of Second Temple Studies, 82; London: T & T Clark, 2012). Pp. 188. Hardback. US$120.00. ISBN 978-0-567-45885-8.
Francis M Macatangay
Review of Berges, Ulrich, Isaías: El profeta y el libro (Estudios Bíblicos, 44; Estella, Navarra, Verbo Divino: 2011). Pp. 216. Softcover. €18.35 ISBN 978-84-9945-223-4.
Enrique Sanz Giménez-Rico
Review of Lange, Armin, and Matthias Weigold, Biblical Quotations and Allusions in Second Temple Jewish Literature (Journal of Ancient Judaism Supplements, 5; Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2011). Pp. 384. Hardcover. €89.99. ISBN 978-3-525-55028-1.
Kyung S Baek
Review of Martínez Delgado, José (ed.), El viaje lingüístico de la Biblia (Granada: Editorial Universidad de Granada, 2011). Pp. 348. Softcover. €16.00. ISBN 978-84-338-5315-8.
Guadalupe Seijas de los Ríos Zarzosa
Review of Utzschneider, Helmut and Wolfgang Oswalt, Exodus 1–15 (Internationaler Exegetischer Kommentar zum Alten Testament; Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2013). Pp. 372. Hardcover. €69.90. ISBN 978-3-17-022222-9.
Thomas B Dozeman
Review of Frechett, Christopher G., Mesopotamian Ritual-prayers of “Hand-lifting” (Akkadian šuillas): An Investigation of Function in Light of the Idiomatic Meaning of the Rubric (AOAT, 379; Münster: Ugarit Verlag, 2012). Pp. xxi + 316. Hardcover. US$109.
William Morrow
Review of Rejoice, Dear Zion: Hebrew Construct Phrases with “Daughter” and “Virgin” as Nomen Regens (BZAW, 447; Berlin: de Gruyter, 2013).
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
Review of Genesis and the Moses Story: Israel's Dual Origins in the Hebrew Bible (Siphrut, 3; translated by James D. Nogalski; Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2010).
Bill T Arnold
Review of Changes in Scripture: Rewriting and Interpreting Authoritative Traditions in the Second Temple Period (BZAW, 419; Berlin: De Gruyter, 2011).
Garrick Allen
Review of 2 Chronicles: A Commentary (Hermeneia; Minneapolis: Fortress, 2012).
Steven J Schweitzer
Review of The Thematic Unity of the Book of the Twelve (HBM, 41; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2012).
James Nogalski
Review of The Characterization of the Assyrians in Isaiah: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives (LHBOTS, 559; New York: T & T Clark, 2012).
Paul S Evans
Review of The Politics of Pessimism in Ecclesiastes: A Social-Science Perspective (Ancient Israel and Its Literature; Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2012).
Stephen J Bennett , Charles Awasua
Review of The Ways of a King: Legal and Political Ideas in the Bible (Journal of Ancient Judaism Supplements, 7; Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2011).
Ian Douglas Wilson
Review of Oath Formulas in Biblical Hebrew (LSAWS, 5; Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2011).
Joshua E Stewart
Review of The “Other” In Second Temple Judaism: Essays In Honor of John J. Collins (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2011).
Anthony Meyer
Review of The Book of Joel: A Prophet between Calamity and Hope (LBHOTS, 581; New York: Bloomsbury, 2013).
Joel Barker
Review of Parables and Conflict in the Hebrew Bible (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012).
Mari Jørstad
Review of Remembering and Forgetting in Early Second Temple Judah (FAT, 85; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2012).
AJ Culp