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Vol 8 (2008): Volume 8 The Noun איש (’îš) in Biblical Hebrew: A Term of Affiliation Abstract   PDF
David E. S. Stein
Vol 10 (2010): Volume 10 “And Many Beasts” (Jonah 4:11): The Function and Status of Animals in the Book of Jonah Abstract   PDF
Yael Shemesh
Vol 3 (2001): Volume 3 “Great Among His Brothers,” But Who Is He? Heterogeneity in the Composition of Judah Abstract   PDF
Gary N. Knoppers
Vol 4 (2003): Volume 4 “Jehoiakim Slept With His Fathers…” (II Kings 24:6)—Did He? Details   PDF
Oded Lipschits
Vol 12 (2012): Volume 12 “Oh that you were like a brother to me, one who had nursed at my mother's breasts.” Breast Milk as a Kinship-Forging Substance Abstract   PDF
Cynthia R Chapman
Vol 11 (2011): Volume 11 “Some Worthless and Reckless Fellows”: Landlessness and Parasocial Leadership in Judges Abstract   PDF
Brian R. Doak
Vol 8 (2008): Volume 8 “The Editor was Nodding” A Reading of Leviticus 19 In Memory of Mary Douglas Abstract   PDF
Moshe Kline
Vol 5 (2005): Volume 5 “The Hand of a Woman”: Deborah and Yael (Judges 4) Abstract   PDF
Elie Assis
Vol 10 (2010): Volume 10 “The Tallest Man Cannot Reach Heaven; the Broadest Man Cannot Cover Earth” – Reconsidering the Proverb and its Biblical Parallels Abstract   PDF
Nili Samet
Vol 7 (2007): Volume 7 “White Trash” Wisdom: Proverbs 9 Deconstructed Abstract   PDF
Mark Sneed
Vol 7 (2007): Volume 7 “Word Play” in Qoheleth Abstract   PDF
Scott B. Noegel
Vol 6 (2006): Volume 6 “You Shall Not Abhor an Edomite, for He is Your Brother”: The Tradition of Esau and the Edomite Genealogies from an Anthropological Perspective Abstract   PDF
Juan Manuel Tebes
Vol 2 (1999): Volume 2 A Form-Critical Rereading Of Hosea Abstract   PDF
Marvin A. Sweeney
Vol 7 (2007): Volume 7 A Goat to Go to Azazel Abstract   PDF
Aron Pinker
Vol 3 (2001): Volume 3 A Metaphorical Etiology in Judges 18:12 Abstract   PDF
Uwe F. W. Bauer
Vol 9 (2009): Volume 9 A Perfectly Broken Acrostic in Nahum 1? Abstract   PDF
Thomas Renz
Vol 9 (2009): Volume 9 A Prophetic Reflection on Divine Forgiveness: The Integration of the Book of Jonah into the Book of the Twelve Abstract   PDF
Jakob Wöhrle
Vol 7 (2007): Volume 7 A Reconsideration of Manuscripts Classified as Scrolls of the Twelve Minor Prophets (XII) Abstract   PDF
Philippe Guillaume
Vol 5 (2005): Volume 5 A Rejoinder to A. Brenner, “Regulating ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ in the Torah and in Proverbs: Some Preliminary Insights” Abstract   PDF
Francis Landy
Vol 9 (2009): Volume 9 A Response to G. Aichelle, P. Miscall and R. Walsh, “An Elephant in the Room: Historical-Critical and the Postmodern Interpretations of the Bible” Abstract   PDF
John Van Seters
Vol 1 (1997): Volume 1 A Specific Application of the Proverb in Ecclesiastes 1:15 Abstract   PDF
Bernon Lee
Vol 4 (2003): Volume 4 A Very General Archaeologist—Moshe Dayan and Israeli Archaeology Abstract   PDF
Raz Kletter
Vol 13 (2013): Volume 13 An Optative Indicative? A Real Factual Past? Toward A Cognitive-Typological Approach to the Precative Qatal Details   PDF
Alexander Andrason
Vol 2 (1999): Volume 2 Anti-Jewish Interpretations of Psalm 1 in Luther and in Modern German Protestantism Abstract   PDF
Uwe F. W. Bauer
Vol 12 (2012): Volume 12 Archaeological Facts, Historical Speculations and the Date of the LMLK Storage Jars: A Rejoinder to David Ussishkin Abstract   PDF
Oded Lipschits
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