Editorial Team

The members of the board provide guidance on the work of the journal. The members also provide support as manuscript managers and reviewers for the journal.

Editorial Board

Viola Manokore (Ph.D, GradCE, MSc., BSc.) - JPNEP Chief Editor

Cindy Boucher (PhD) 

Fauziya Ali (PhD, RN) 

Katrina Blacklock (RN, BScN, MEd)

Liz Fulton-Lyne (MA, MLIS) 

Lola Palmer-Virgo (MScN, RN)  


Copy Editor

Kay Rollans- Sponsored by NorQuest College's Department of Curriculum Development



Reviewers are experts in nursing, practical nursing, education, nursing practice, research methods and higher education. They represent a range of disciplines and have diverse backgrounds. 

Allison McFadden-Squire (RN, BScN, MEd), NorQuest College

Brandi Wadi (LPN), Red Deer College

Blenda Rona Larioza (WMGT(C), CMSN(C), RN, BSN), AHS, University of Carlgary, Carewest

Catherine Bering (RN, BScN), NorQuest College

Dr. Holldrid Odreman (Ph.D, MSc.N-Ed, RN, CCNE, CCSNE), Niagara College

Dr. Cindy Ko (Ph.D., LL.M., MN., RN), Niagra College

Farhat Ladha (LPN, BScN, MMedSci) , NorQuest College

Hukum Baral (RN, BSc. Hons., M. Sc), NorQuest College

Jamie Tycholiz (RN, MHS), Government of Alberta 

Jo-Anne Macdonald-Watson (LPN, ROT), Red Deer College

Katie Pitt (BScN, RN, MN), Nova Scotia Community College

Karyn Nickerson (RN, BN, MScN, MBA), NorQuest College

Lai Wen-Li, Wing Kei 

Lawrence Onwuegbuchunam (RN, PhD), Columbia College 

Nichole Parker (RN, MN), NorQuest College

Shuguang Wen (LPN, MBA),  Carewest