Practice Implications of the Increasing use of AI in Healthcare – A Reflective Contemplation with a Relational Ethics Lens




artificial intelligence, healthcare, ethics, social implications


There is an increasing use of machines that use artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare setting. Given the current shortages in human resources, the idea of care robots and other AI supportive systems is an emerging potential solution. However, AI such as care robots may pose the question of whether the notion of care is compatible with designs that focus on data and efficiencies. In this paper, I endeavour to examine the application of AI such as care robots and use relational ethics to anchor the discussion. I invite readers to contemplate some legal, ethical, and social implications regarding the use of AI in healthcare. In addition, I am offering some practice implications that could be relevant in the healthcare setting. I wrote with a reflective approach. It is my position that the application of relational ethics is appropriate when we consider using AI in healthcare because if AI such as care robots are to care for humans, then its functions should have relational elements.