Nanosponges: A Novel Class of Drug Delivery System - Review

Selvamuthukumar S1, Anandam S1, Kannan Krishnamoorthy, Manavalan Rajappan

1Department of Pharmacy Annamalai university Annamalai Nagar Tamilnadu India


ABSTRACT - Effective targeted drug delivery systems have been a dream for a long time, but it has been largely frustrated by the complex chemistry that is involved in the development of new systems. The invention of nanosponges has become a significant step toward overcoming these problems. Nanosponges are tiny sponges with a size of about a virus, which can be filled with a wide variety of drugs. These tiny sponges can circulate around the body until they encounter the specific target site and stick on the surface and begin to release the drug in a controlled and predictable manner. Because the drug can be released at the specific target site instead of circulating throughout the body it will be more effective for a particular given dosage. Another important character of these sponges is their aqueous solubility; this allows the use of these systems effectively for drugs with poor solubility.

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J Pharm Pharm Sci, 15 (1): 103-111, 2012

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