A Nested Model of Academic Writing Approaches: Chinese International Graduate Students’ Views of English Academic Writing

Zheng Zhang


Adopting Lea and Street’s (1998) three models of academic writing (i.e., the study skills, academic socialization, and academic literacies), this qualitative study explored 10 Chinese international graduate (CIG) students’ perceptions of differing literacy practices in a different academic milieu and in various disciplines at a Canadian university. The findings reveal how different epistemologies in different cultures and disciplines have impacted these CIG students’ English academic writing. This paper acknowledges the limitations of the exclusive use of skills study and academic socialisation orientations in writing support for international students. It recommends a nested model of writing support, which is more inclusive and transformative in nature.


literacy; academic writing; Chinese international graduate students; epistemologies; writing support; nested model

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20360/G27G6R