The Effects of Manuscript, Cursive or Manuscript/Cursive Styles on Writing Development in Grade 2

Marie-France Morin, Natalie Lavoie, Isabelle Montésinos-Gelet


In the research area of writing development, an increasing number of researchers suggest that graphomotor skills could be much more important than they appear to be (Christensen, 2009). Few researchers have studied the link between handwriting and teaching practices, despite the fact that some studies indicate its importance (Graham, 2010). The general objective of this study is to explore the relationship between different handwriting styles and the development of writing skills among 715 children in Grade 2. Generally, our results show that the three handwriting styles (manuscript/cursive, manuscript, and cursive) have different effects on writing development (speed, quality, word production, and text production).


handwriting; teaching practices; primary school; spelling; text production

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