A second grade teacher's innovations toward multimodal literacies in an urban primary school


  • K. Dara Hill




Writing, Reading, Oral Language, Multimodal Literacies


This study is an examination of a second grade teacher’s negotiation of multimodal literacies in a high performing urban primary school in Detroit. In spite of the school’s high performing record, teachers were required to adhere closely to paced curriculum and exclusive use of curriculum materials. A teacher and researcher collaboration implemented supplemental texts and negotiated innovations toward multimodal literacies with a theme entitled Fossils. An examination of peer-led discussion groups, peer-led reading logs and the focal teacher’s Interactive Whiteboard innovations demonstrates  deeper comprehension and enhanced participation due to linkages across texts and with students’ social worlds.

Author Biography

K. Dara Hill

Associate Professor, Department of Reading and Language Arts




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Hill, K. D. (2014). A second grade teacher’s innovations toward multimodal literacies in an urban primary school. Language and Literacy, 16(1), 21–33. https://doi.org/10.20360/G2WS3M