Exploring Young Children’s Use of Illustrations in a Picturebook


  • Karen M. Feathers Wayne State University
  • Poonam Arya Wayne State University






Using analysis of oral reading and eye movements, this study examined how third grade children used visual information as they orally read either the original or the adapted version of a picturebook.  Eye tracking was examined to identify when and why students focused on images as well as what they looked at in the images.  Results document children’s deliberate use of images and point to the important role of images in text processing. The content of images, availability and placement of text and images on a page, and children’s personal strategies affected the use of images. 


Author Biography

Karen M. Feathers, Wayne State University

Karen M. Feathers is associate professor in the Reading, Language and Literature Program at Wayne State University.



How to Cite

Feathers, K. M., & Arya, P. (2015). Exploring Young Children’s Use of Illustrations in a Picturebook. Language and Literacy, 17(1), 42–62. https://doi.org/10.20360/G2630C