Patterns and Trends in Contemporary Canadian Verse-Novels for Young People

Beverley A. Brenna, Yina Liu, Shuwen Sun


This qualitative content analysis identified patterns and trends in a contemporary set of Canadian verse-novels for young people. Twenty-two books were located in our search for titles published between 1995 and 2016, and many of these emerged as award-winners in various contexts including the Governor General’s Award for children’s literature (text). Dresang’s notion of Radical Change, adapted for this interrogation, illuminated particular elements of these societal artifacts worthy of notice. While studies have occurred regarding textual forms or formats and reader characteristics, specific work with the verse-novel and its use with struggling and reluctant readers is limited, with professional articles appearing in place of research-oriented discussions. Scrutiny of available verse-novels is important as it opens a door for explorations of these resources with participants in classroom settings.



Verse-novels; Canadian; Literacy; Radical Change

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