Elementary School Language and Literacy Education for Civic Engagement: An Evolving Playbook for Postmodern Times

Heather Lotherington


This paper argues for the need to postmodernize literacy education for civic engagement in an emerging new world order where humans are globally-connected in an invisible digital dimension, yet physically dispersed in greater degrees of complexity. The paper summarizes a university-school collaborative learning community’s evolving playbook on experimental multimodal and plurilingual language and literacy education, and illustrates project-based learning, inclusion of children’s linguistic and cultural knowledge in classroom learning, immersive ludic activities, collaborative problem-solving, and agentive participation in an elementary school classroom project.


elementary literacy, ludic learning, multimodality, pluralingualism, problem-based learning, superdiversity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20360/G2M952