Bridging Two Solitudes - Integrating Literacy Research across linguistic, cultural and disciplinary boundaries


  • Gail Prasad York University
  • Saskia Van Viegen York University


Author Biographies

Gail Prasad, York University

Dr. Gail Prasad is an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Education at York University. She completed her PhD in Languages and Literacies Education at the OISE / University of Toronto. Her research focuses on plurilingual development in children, youth and teachers. She has engaged in classroom-based research across elementary and secondary school settings using a range of creative and multimodal research methods to engage children and youth as co-ethnographers of their diverse language and literacies practices. Her work has been published in English and in French in journals such as the International Journal of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education, Language, Intercultural Education, TESOL Quarterly, Glottopol, and LIDIL: Revue de linguistique et de didactique des langues.

Saskia Van Viegen, York University

Dr. Saskia Van Viegen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at York University.  She earned a PhD in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning from OISE/ University of Toronto, and has seventeen years of experience as an English language instructor and program administrator. Her main research interest is language in education, particularly bilingualism, multilingualism and development of academic literacies. Her current projects explore language assessment in K-12 education, resources for learning in multilingual university settings, and language and literacy of youth refugees in secondary education.  Publications from her recent work appear in several edited books and journals, including Canadian Modern Language Review, Language Assessment Quarterly, TESL Canada Journal, European Journal of Teacher Education, and TESOL Quarterly, and she recently co-edited (with Sunny Lau) the book Plurilingual Pedagogies: Critical and Creative Undertakings for Equitable Language (in) Education, to be published for the Springer Educational Linguistics series.




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Prasad, G., & Van Viegen, S. (2019). Bridging Two Solitudes - Integrating Literacy Research across linguistic, cultural and disciplinary boundaries. Language and Literacy, 21(2), 1–4.