Supporting Literacy and Positive Identity Negotiations with Multimodal Comic Composing


  • Lindsey Moses Arizona State University
  • Stephanie Reid University of Montana



This study explores how an alternative writing unit with a focus on comics, choice, and publishing supported positive identity development in a fourth-grade classroom. Many traditional literacy practices with an emphasis on skills marginalize students from under-represented populations. This study reports literacy practices that countered the production of previously established unequal relationships and instead supported bilingual students’ negotiation of positive identities. We conducted an analysis of two bilingual case studies to examine the ways in which the shift from traditional literacy skills/practices to multimodal formats provided opportunities for students who were traditionally marginalized to renegotiate identities as experts and authors.

Author Biographies

Lindsey Moses, Arizona State University

Lindsey Moses is an associate professor of Literacy at Arizona State University in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. She is the program coordinator for the M.A. in Literacy Education. Her research interests include using sociocultural approaches to researching early literacy, bilingual learners, identity, and instructional practices to support language and literacy in diverse contexts.


Stephanie Reid , University of Montana

Stephaine F. Reid is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education in the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education at the University of Montana. Prior to pursuing her doctoral degree at Arizona State University, Stephaine taught middle school students English Language Arts for 15 years in England and the United States. Stephaine's research focuses on multimodal literacies pedagogy in elementary and middle school contexts. 




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Moses, L., & Reid , S. (2021). Supporting Literacy and Positive Identity Negotiations with Multimodal Comic Composing . Language and Literacy, 23(1), 1–24.