The Meeting of Multiple Words and Worlds


  • Galicia Blackman University of Calgary



As a newcomer to Canadian culture, I present an interpretive rendering of my encounters with settler and Indigenous relations. It is my humble attempt to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action ([TRC], 2015) for newcomers, by providing insight into what newcomers might experience in response to the complexities of Indigenous and settler dialogues. Newcomers are diverse groups, on the fringes of Indigenous-settler relations discourse, and outside of the protocols to enter such dialogues. Therefore, I ask, where and when can newcomers, temporary or long term, enter the dialogues in meaningful, respectful ways? I came to recognize that as a newcomer the more appropriate course of action would be to wait to be invited into the conversation; but that does not absolve me of the responsibility to inform myself about Indigenous-settler relations and confront my discomforts with how I am implicated in these relations. This led me to inquire, can newcomers be of value in the ways multiple ethnic groups live together, in a good way? Using a hermeneutic and mythopoetic lens I present a series of vignettes that attempt to grapple with these questions, to contribute to the discourse of responses to the Calls to Action (TRC, 2015).

Author Biography

Galicia Blackman, University of Calgary

Galicia Blackman is a PhD candidate in Educational Research, specializing in Curriculum and Learning at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. A graduate of The University of the West Indies, she taught Literature and Communication Studies at the post-secondary level in the Caribbean, worked in curriculum reform, and fostered extracurricular learning activities in the arts. Her concern with the disparity between formal curriculum and students’ lived experiences led her to research interests in students’ learning experiences, dialogic pedagogy, student voice, and aesthetics in formal learning contexts, using hermeneutics in educational research, and the lens of the pedagogy of discomfort.




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Blackman, G. . (2020). The Meeting of Multiple Words and Worlds. Language and Literacy, 22(1), 6–23.