Inviting Connection Through the Gap in Haiku

  • Philomene Kocher
Keywords: haiku, poetry


My M.Ed. research focused on using haiku poetry as a way of connection with persons with dementia within an established spiritual care setting. As foundation for this research, I explored
the connection-building capacity of the gap created by the juxtaposition in haiku. Seventeen experienced haiku poets (including myself as both researcher and poet) responded to survey
questions about the intuitive process of writing and reading haiku. The responses illuminate how the simplicity of haiku can paradoxically hold profound meaning through the connections with
self, other, and environment. Haiku may have potential in curriculum beyond language arts into environmental studies.

Author Biography

Philomene Kocher
Queen's University
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Kocher, P. (2011). Inviting Connection Through the Gap in Haiku. Language and Literacy, 11(1).