The Navigators de Ken Loach: Une analyse de la traduction audiovisuelle


  • Isabelle Sutton Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Allberta


This thesis proposes an analysis of the French translation of the British movie The Navigators, by director Ken Loach. The movie takes the spectator into the lives of the British working class and holds at its center an important political message. Loach tries to recreate a strong sense of realism and presents characters who are victims of the privatisation of their industry (British Rail). This thesis aims at analyzing the way in which the film is translated into French : how can dubbing, a technique that disguises a film by giving new voices to the actors and destroys the soundtrack by replacing it with a new one, keep a sense of realism? Subtitling is a technique which presents numerous contraints in terms of the translation of dialogues, but enables the film to remain authentic. How can these two techniques affect the reception of the movie?