Using Scopus to Evaluate the Citation Habits of a "Real World" Academic Department (An Update to Prior Research)


  • Jeremy Cusker


In 2012, this author published a paper describing a method for using the raw data from Web of Science to examine the journals cited by any given group of researchers and then compare that list to lists of 'top journals' of similar disciplines. It was not a straightforward method to use and required a great deal of effort and spreadsheet work by a user in order to properly deploy. Since that time, the Scopus database has made available a workflow that vastly simplifies -- and, indeed, improves -- this process. In this paper, a method of using Scopus to generate expanded lists of highly cited journals within specific research communities and the comparison of those with published lists of journals for similar disciplines is described. The value of finding these top-cited journals in research communities may be useful to librarians making collection development decisions.






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