Finding Ourselves in a Predicament: Now What Do I Do?

Terrie Lynn Thompson


Situations unfold around us every day in our professional and personal lives. We make decisions and move on, often acting out of routine or instinct. But sometimes we encounter an overwhelming sense of not knowing what to say or do and yet having to act. We are in a predicament. In this phenomenological inquiry, I explore the lived experience of a predicament, an experience that resonates with being stopped in our tracks, the illusion of using logic, indecision while in-decision, and drawing on knowledge of the moment. Experiential data in this study is integrated with Heidegger’s notions of Befindlichkeit and Dasein, Ricoeur’s writings on choice, and Gadamer’s ideas about moral knowledge. Insights suggest that a predicament can provide a window for discovering something about whom and how we are. A predicament may be a self-conscious way of learning: a way of bringing ourselves to ourselves.

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ISSN: 1913-4711