Golden Paper, a Chain and a Bag: A Phenomenology of Queer Things in a Special Needs Education Unit

Kristin Evensen, Øyvind Standal, Borgunn Ytterhus


Children naturally play with things in both expected and unexpected ways. A stick, a spoon, or a chain of pearls may each seem to contain a goldmine of possibilities for the individual child. Every child encounters an object according to their own predilections and abilities. Some children, due to severe and multiple disabilities, are restricted in their possibilities to approach certain things. In this paper, we explore the existential meaning of “queer things” as a way to understand how two children with disabilities reach out to objects in an educational space, where they relate to themselves, to things, as well as to others.


Severe and Multiple Disabilities; Queer Phenomenology, Special Education, Things

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ISSN: 1913-4711