• Maria Gil Ulldemolins Hasselt University
  • Kris Pint Hasselt University



This experimental paper proposes a shared exploration of the crease as a tactile, existential, and artistic phenomenon. It takes Roland Barthes’ definition of his left-handedness as “a tenuous and persistent crease” as a basis. Hence, this phenomenon is a minor but stubborn mark on the self, a superficial matter. 

In order to portray an intimate and personal approach to the subject, this paper is written in first person. This “I”, though, is plural, a result of a collaboration. As part of the methodology developed to create this polyphonic voice, the paper is structured in a non-linear fashion. After each section, the reader can choose how to proceed. 

The imposed choices reveal the materiality of the text - they establish points of friction and awareness for a reader; and weave different discursive lines and surfaces. The aim is to allow the format to contribute to the definition of the crease, beyond images and excerpts in the content.