Editorial Board XX (2017)

Hello all,

We would like to introduce ourselves as the new editors of Past Imperfect XX (2017):

Gino Canlas: I am a PhD candidate in Classical Archaeology, supervised by Dr. Margriet Haagsma, and I study the archaeology of Greek religion and specialize in the region of Thessaly, where I examine how different populations expressed their social and political identities through cult. I am also a field archaeologist and am a long-term staff member of the Kastro Kallithea Archaeological Project in Thessaly, Greece. I have also excavated in Mytilene and Transylvania. My hobbies include language-hoarding, phởcrastinating, and being right about Harry Potter.

Elton Lee Menard: Elton is a historian of Modern France and Europe, interested particularly in nineteenth-century political economy and the study of capitalism and the state. He is enrolled in the MA program at University of Alberta and is currently writing a thesis that investigates changing understandings of economic growth in the configuration of national and global markets during the French Second Empire (1852-1870).

Kane Mullen: I am an MA student at the University of Alberta. I am primarily interested in the history of gender, science, and technology in 20th century America.

Francois Pageau: I am a PhD Candidate in History, under the supervision of Andrew C. Gow. I specializes in late medieval witchraft trials, Cultural History and Print Culture. I am also a member of the Tinctor Project at U of A, and The Making and Knowing Project (Paleography) at Columbia University.

Andreea Resmerita: I am an History MA student, working with Dr. David Marples. I am interested in Eastern European history, the history of broadcasting and radio, and social memory. My MA thesis examines Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Romania, 1975-1989.