The "Veil" Surrounding Alexander Henry, the Elder's Mixed-Blood Sons


  • Anatol L Scott



Fur traders have played an inordinately important role in western Canadian history; their records and their published journals are the bedrock of our historiography. Paradoxically, we know little about the private lives of many of these traders. By assembling a readily available and conflicting body of knowledge on Alexander Henry, the Elder, and by linking it to other scattered bits of information, this paper presents a profile of Henry and his family that differs considerably from the traditionally accepted view.

Author Biography

Anatol L Scott

Anatol L. Scott has a BA (1993) in English and an MA (1994) in history, both from the University of Alberta. An earlier draft of his paper was presented at the Seventh North American Fur Trade Conference at Halifax, Nova Scotia in May 1995. Scott holds a University of Alberta PhD scholarship and has recently accepted a Gorsebrook Fellowship to pursue research under the auspices of St. Mary's University, Halifax. His dissertation is tentatively titled "The Role of Alcohol in Canada's Early Fish and Fur Communities: The Maritime Provinces 1670-1850."