Tensions in the South China Sea


  • Maddison Croden




This article discusses the ongoing tensions over sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea, and how these tensions will evolve over the next five years by examining China’s continued desire for survival in the international system through a defensive realist lens. Using this international relations theory, the article argues that tensions will continue to grow between actors in the South China Sea, as China becomes more aggressive over it’s sovereignty claims in the area owing to resources in the South China Sea, and the increased necessity for these resources for China’s continued growth in the international system. The article then briefly examines how these future developments in the South Chia Sea could potentially effect the Sino-U.S. relationship.




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Croden, M. (2015). Tensions in the South China Sea. Political Science Undergraduate Review, 1(1), 66–70. https://doi.org/10.29173/psur12