Sovereignty vs. Foreign Aid and Inducements


  • Sunidhi Wadehra University of Alberta



This paper posits that the processes and power asymmetries within inducements and foreign aid necessitate infringement on the receiving state’s sovereignty. However, the establishment of the statement requires careful individual analysis of the relevant topics, the examination of the intersection of the two subjects, and the exploration of pertinent examples. Firstly, this paper will analyze the individual concepts of sovereignty and the relevant economic statecraft, respectively. Secondly, this paper will examine the argument that the intersection of the topics reveals. Lastly, this paper will discuss two case studies: the United States’ inducement to North Korea in attempts to reduce their nuclear weapons capabilities and the United States’ foreign aid towards Soviet Russia in attempts to influence communist thought.




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Wadehra, S. (2023). Sovereignty vs. Foreign Aid and Inducements. Political Science Undergraduate Review, 8(1).