The Importance of Information Literacy Lesson for Academic Honesty in High Schools


  • Ayşegül Aksaçlıoğlu Yazar



The new generation students, emerging with the rapidly evolving technology and have different information seeking behaviors showing that the librarians need to revise their services. Students are faced with various difficulties in searching for information and accessing information, because of the rapid increase in number and type of the information sources and lack of information literary skills. Students need to learn research techniques in finding the necessary information through a big ocean of information (published, electronic, audio visual, web, social networks, phone etc.), and writing research papers appropriate for academic honesty and international standards framework. Students need to gain “Information Literacy Skills” to become lifelong individual learners so that they can choose research topic, create a research question properly in line with research objectives, access the different types of information resources, evaluate reliability of resources, select, quote relevant information, synthesize and present.

İhsan Doğramacı Foundation (IDF) Bilkent High School students studying in the National Program should prepare the “performance and project paper” within the scope of the National Ministry of Education regulations. Students studying the International Diploma Program are required to write the “Internal Assessment Studies, Essays, and 4000 word Extended Essay” within the scope of the International Baccaluarate Organization (IBO)  rules.  The role of the informaton literacy skills lessons supported by the teachers is very important.

In this article, experience will be shared by emphasizing the cooperation of teacher and librarian in the process of preparation and presentation of information literacy courses given in IDF Bilkent High School within the scope of national and international programs.