Principals’ Perceptions of the Impact of School Library on Student Academic Achievement in Rural Thailand and Factors Driving Their Perceptions


  • Nilobon Wimolsittichai



school libraries, rural school libraries, school librarians, teacher librarians, teacher-librarians, school principals, school administration, school library standards, Thailand


School libraries in rural Thailand have faced a serious long-term problem in developing effective libraries, and could not achieve a minimum criteria of school library standard. Key people who influences in supporting and contributing an effective library are school principals because they have authorities in directing and administration the facilitation of change in the schools. Therefore, school principals require to understand the values and impacts of school library on students’ academic achievement. The principals’ perceptions about the impact of school library on students’ academic achievement not only present their awareness of the value of school library on student’s academic achievement, but also reflect their attention on contributing effective libraries. This paper presents the principals’ perceptions of small public primary school in rural Thailand and the factors that drive their perceptions about the impact of school library on students’ academic achievement, which is one part of the study of school libraries and their roles in rural Thailand. These perceptions meaningfully presented the understanding and awareness of school principals about the library values on increasing students’ academic achievement, and revealed the factors influencing those principals’ perceptions. This information was further integrated with rural school libraries’ characteristics and situations to clarify their scenarios and local context, which is important to understand the causes making these libraries struggle to be effective, how to manage with school library issues and develop effective school libraries in rural Thailand.