The Effect of “The Book Characters Are Among Us” Activity on the Reading Culture of Students


  • Rahime Ordu



reading culture, z library, book characters, dramatization


We live in an era where knowledge becomes very diverse, expands and change quickly. Reading is the most effective way in order to follow the knowledge, which is accelerated by the democracy and developments of the communication technologies. Therefore, modern societies give special attention to the activities regard to the reading culture.

Nowadays, we are facing a young generation which does not need and care about reading as well as does not know how/why to read a literature writing. This generation prefers a consumption based artificial game world which is served via computer technologies and this kind of artificial places that internet cafes and game centers serve rather than reading and going to libraries.

This study aims to present “Book Characters Are Among Us” activity which makes reading interesting for teenagers by connecting reading with drama and improves their reading, writing and speaking skills. In addition, it evaluates the results of the activity which was held with a group of students.

It was observed that, students started being interested in reading books, doing critical reading to understand and know the characters in the books, obtaining the creative thinking and writing experience and improving their speaking abilities that’s to “Books Are Among Us” activity. The activities were intentionally organized in Z Library in order to make students be aware of the facilities and possibilities which were given to their usage. The factors such as comfortable sitting zones, easiness of reaching a book, computer technology, being wide and spacious, usage of the place for book interviews, presentations and drama activities other than book taking and returning are the reasons for students to come to Z Library.