School Library: How to Break the Walls


  • Adriana Bogliolo Sirihal Duarte
  • Raquel Miranda Vilela Paiva



school library, digital natives, school librarian, media specialist, school library - educational role, ethnography


The present paper analyzes the possibility of the school library breaking the four walls to which we are used to, using data collected during field research for a doctorate research, from observation and interview with students. Three schools in Belo Horizonte city were researched, one of which really broke the walls of the library, taking the collection to the classrooms. Preliminary observation data showed significant differences among the use of the three spaces, which became clearer in the interviews. The results showed that the differential is, however, in the performance of the professional present in this place. It was evident that the school library should concern about the professional, regardless of the space. Breaking the walls of the library was not the most effective solution to bring students closer to reading and the available materials. So, it is up to the librarian, and not the collection, to break the barriers.






IN PERSON | IASL 2022 Strand B: Research Forum