Efforts and Changes Around School Libraries in Sweden Today


  • Fredrik Ernerot




Sweden, school library, school development, information literacy, national agency of education


As the 2017 IASL conference theme will be “Learning without borders” it is interesting to focus on how the school library, as well as the school librarian, will have to adopt the field – to establish and develop the field as a whole. By describing the whole field, with a perspective taken from the Swedish school library, from the present situation 2016/2017 and even further than that, there will be a contribution of useful material and methods – inspirational to the work and progress for school libraries/school librarians. Three specific subjects will be presented during the lecture - mainly to create a sustainable knowledge on school libraries as a learning tool in school - with a special focus on the political and structural efforts/changes taking place in Sweden today. The three specific subjects are: the Swedish National Agency for Education, The national school library group of Sweden (NSG), School Library West (SBV).