School Librarians in Action: A Comparative Study of School Library Programs in Croatia and Hong Kong


  • Annie Tam
  • Samson Choi
  • Anica Tkalcevic
  • Zvjezdana Dukic
  • Joy Xiaobing Zheng



school library program, Croatia, Hong Kong, primary school, secondary school, reading, information literacy, collaboration, technology


The study explores library programs in primary and secondary schools in Croatia and Hong Kong. The aim is to find what library programs the school libraries in Croatia and Hong Kong run in their schools, how these programs affect students’ learning and what are similarities and differences between school libraries in Croatia and Hong Kong. The study findings show that school libraries on both locations run programs to support students’ reading and to enhance their information literacy and research skills. School library programs in Croatia and Hong Kong include some similar components but also differ in some respects in approach and content. School librarians in Croatia involve wider community engagement while school librarians in Hong Kong apply technology for collection development and library instruction. Library programs in schools in both locations transcend the school walls and reach beyond the school curriculum as well.






IN PERSON | IASL 2022 Strand B: Research Forum