Representations of Reading in Brazilian Contemporary Children’s Literature


  • Maria da Conceição Carvalho School of Information Science /UFMG
  • Alessandra Santana da Silva School of Information Science /UFMG
  • Tatiane Meire Campos School of Information Science /UFMG



Children’s literature, Social representations, School libraries, Brazilian Children’s literature, Brasil


This article is part of a broader study that aims at comparing the role assigned to reading in terms of fictional creation for children and youngsters in Brazil and Argentina from 1991 to 2012. The results here presented are exclusively referring to Brazil. A sample of 10 books taken from publishers catalogues who print child/youth literature was analyzed. Based on Serge Moscovici’s concept of social representation it was possible to demonstrate that less than half of the narratives represent the daily reading still linked to a pedagogizing concept of the child genre, with openly utilitarian purposes. However, a significant number of narratives show good aesthetic level, presenting reading and the formation of readers in a thought-provoking and problematizing way.

Author Biographies

Maria da Conceição Carvalho, School of Information Science /UFMG

Maria da Conceição CARVALHO holds a degree in Library Science as well as a Masters on Information Science and a PhD in Literary Studies from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais . She is a professor at the School of Information Science, UFMG. Her current interests as a researcher are focused on Reading and training of the reader, School Library and Publishing of Youth and Children's books.

Alessandra Santana da Silva, School of Information Science /UFMG

Alexandra Santana DA SILVA is a librarian since january 2014 and has worked at Santo Antônio School as school librarian from jan. 2013 to jan. 2014. Her interest as a researcher is focused on School Library studies.

Tatiane Meire Campos, School of Information Science /UFMG

Tatiane Meire CAMPOS is a School Librarian at a Municipal Public School (Elementary Education) in Belo Horizonte, MG.