Teenagers in school libraries! What about the imaginaries and expectations of digital natives?


  • Anne Cordier Rouen University




On an international scale, a new form of documentary mediation has merged, which is embodied in the structural and physical evolution of documentary spaces. In France, the school library (le "Centre de Documentation et d'Information": CDI) is under the responsibility of a teacher-librarian. He is in charge of teaching students information literacy along with managing the library. Students are welcome to the CDI when they do not attend classes and want to read or need to search information, but also in educational sessions led by the teacher-librarian. At a time when teenagers are referred to as "digital natives", what are their expectations in the school library? How to conceive school libraries so that to help youngsters achieve autonomy in the Information and Communication society?

Author Biography

Anne Cordier, Rouen University

Anne Cordier is a former teacher-librarian. She has a PhD in Information and Communication Science. She is now an Associate professor (maître de conférences) at Rouen University. She is very involved in the training of teacher-librarians. She is also involved into several research projects among which is “Translit”. Her personal research focuses on imaginaries of information and informational practices, and a reflection about places of information.

Her most recent contributions was in the European Conference on Information Literacy 2014 in Dubrovnik (Croatia) with Anne Lehmans about “Transliteracy and knowledge formats”. She’s one of the authors of Culture of Information a book recently published by Vincent Liquète (CNRS, Essentiels Hermès, 2014).