Mind the gap: School Librarians’ Anticipated and Preferred Professional Development Methods for Integration of Digital Textbooks


  • Ji Hei Kang Florida State University




school librarian, digital textbooks, professional development


While the mandate to adopt digital textbooks in the U.S. state of Florida is looming for the next school year, there has been few discussion about how to provide professional development for school librarians who will be expected to play a leadership role. This study identifies both preferred and anticipated methods of professional development of Florida school librarians and the gap between them. It has been found that school librarians wish to initiate their training with other colleagues through workshops and study groups, which will enable them to discuss digital textbooks, and build networks with respect to the new technology. The anticipated way, however, reflects the environment of solo librarians. In conclusion, this study urges that professional development that will enlarge their viewpoint and enhance their awareness of the need for methods of implementation of digital textbooks, is urgently required.

Author Biography

Ji Hei Kang, Florida State University

Ji Hei Kang is a doctoral candidate at the School of Information within the College of Communication and Information at Florida State University (FSU), USA. The main topic that she focuses on is school librarians’ leadership role in implementing technological innovations. For her dissertation project, she is conducting research analyzing school librarians’ Stages of Concern in employing digital textbooks. She plans to follow up her research by applying a qualitative method to identify school librarians’ Level of Use of digital textbooks. She is also interested in studying how librarians promote new types of educational technology, such as mobile augmented reality and big data, in theory and practice. She can be contacted at jk11e@my.fsu.edu.