Transfer, Transformation, Transition: What the School Librarian can do in Transliteracy, the French context


  • Anne Lehmans Bordeaux Montaigne University
  • Valentine Mazurier Bordeaux Montaigne University



Transliteracy, school library, teacher librarian, mediation, knowledge format


With the emergence of digital information, the school library as a physical location still exists but its spaces and boundaries are reshuffled. This major change encourages us to study the new distribution of spaces in school libraries, the relationships between different types of spaces (physical and digital, individual and social, private and public) and the way pupils move from one to the other. Information transliteracy is the topic of a research project led in France. Our research points out the transformation of learning strategies in collaborative situations, transfers between informal personal digital abilities and formal academic skills and between experts and novices, transition from learning to creating, cognitive redistribution between spaces. We explore and try to explain some of these processes which seem to us encouraging for the future of school libraries and signs of a renewal of the task of librarians, implying new modes of action which we will describe: mediation, creation, education.

Author Biographies

Anne Lehmans, Bordeaux Montaigne University

Anne Lehmans has worked as associate professor at Bordeaux University (School of Education) since 2003. She holds a PhD in Political Science. She holds and coordinates courses on information literacy and information and communication science. She takes part of the selection board of teacher librarians for the French Minister of Education. She is a project manager for digital uses at the School of Education in Bordeaux university. She is involved into several research projects among which Translit (Convergence between media, digital, information literacies). Her most recent contributions were in Media and Education Futures Conference in Tampere (Finland) with Vincent Liquète in Conditions for a Sustainable Information Transculture and in the European Conference on Information Literacy 2014 in Dubrovnik (Croatia) with Anne Cordier in Transliteracy and knowledge formats. She is one of the authors of the book Culture of information recently published by Vincent Liquète (CNRS, Essentiels Hermès, 2014).

Valentine Mazurier, Bordeaux Montaigne University

Valentine Mazurier has been a teacher librarian in Bordeaux since 1999. She is a PHD student in Information and Communication Science (under the direction of Pr Vincent Liquète). Her research subject focuses on the documentary space in the French context of school libraries through the study of representations and practices of teacher-librarians and pupils in terms of space. She takes part in the teacher librarian training at the School of Education in Bordeaux. She has been a selection board member of teacher librarians