The School Library as a Bridge to Literacy: A Garden of Words


  • Yvonne Perriel Principal of Goshen All Age, St. Elizabeth,



Reading, Boys, Parents’ involvement, Literacy, School libraries


Administrators and teachers have the expertise to utilize theoretical and practical experiences in dealing with students but are unaware of the vital role of parental involvement in students’ academic achievement. The purpose of this research was to explore whether the impact of the implementation of a literacy garden could improve reading level of fourth grade boys at Northside All Age School. Data was obtained using the quasi experimental design. Fifty-three students from two classes grade four at Northside All Age were used. The study was done after a survey was conducted among children in grade four. Data were analyzed using charts and descriptive statistics. . Some of the findings revealed that the implementation of literacy garden has a positive effect of literacy at grade four. The reading level of the boys increases as their self-esteem increases. It was recommended, based on the findings that parents should be more involved in their child’s life at school. That both teachers and parents should motivate slow readers and also that teachers use teaching strategies that will help children who are slow readers.

Author Biography

Yvonne Perriel, Principal of Goshen All Age, St. Elizabeth,

Yvonne Perriel is a graduate of Guelph University Ontario, Canada, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science. She received her Master of Arts Degree in Education from Andrews University in 1998. She earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Administration in 2009 from Northern Caribbean University. She is a Master Teacher who has worked in several schools in the Bahamas and Jamaica. She served as an Assistant Professor at Northern Caribbean University for seven years, and now serves as an adjunct professor in Graduate Studies at this institution. Currently, serves as Principal of Goshen All Age, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.
Dr. Perriel-Mapp has over thirty years working experience in Education.
Among her many awards are: Outstanding Service Award from South Andros, Teacher of the Year for the San Salvador, Bahamas, 2001. Bahamas Union of Teachers- Master Teacher award, 1998. Outstanding Service award in Seventh-day Adventist Service in the Bahamas, Outstanding award 2005 from Teacher Education Department at the Northern Caribbean University, Distinguished Faculty Award from Northern Caribbean University in 2007, Certified Professional in Home Economics in 2011 and Excellence in Teaching from Jamaica Teaching Council in 2014.
Dr. Perriel –Mapp has co-authored one book Introduction to Educational Research. She has presented papers at national, regional and international forums. She also authored four articles in three separate journals.
Dr. Perriel-Mapp’s major objectives are to render quality service, to motivate and support others in discovering their hidden potentials, and to empower individuals to make positive changes. She is a motivator, a confidant, but most importantly, she is a Christian lady.