A librarian in the Classroom

How does that affect Student Learning?


  • Liselott Drejstam




School libraries, School librarians, Source criticism, Media and information literacy, Cooperation


In Linköping there is an ongoing investment in staffed school libraries, so-called focus libraries. Focus libraries has three aims: to be an integrated part of the school, to promote reading and develop students' information literacy. At Hjulsbroskolan the librarian cooperates with teachers in the classroom to implement these aims. The work to develop student’s information literacy starts in preschool class. The development continues the coming years in close collaboration with teachers. The librarian devotes most of her time in the classroom with the teachers to plan, implement and evaluate the area of work and assess the students' efforts. This way, there has been an increased student learning. This is shown in the results of the national tests, regarding the issues of source criticism. A dedicated and structured teaching in information retrieval and source evaluation, implemented by teacher and librarian in cooperation, leads to increased achievement for students.

Author Biography

Liselott Drejstam

Liselott Drejstam is 38 years old. She has worked as a school librarian since 2002. She has a master degree in library- and information science. She is currently working as a school librarian at Hjulsbroskolan, an F -6 (preschool class-year 6) school in Linköping. Previously, she worked as a secondary school librarian for several years. At Hjulsbroskolan, she works closely with teachers to increase better achievement among the students and to stimulate reading and increase students' media and information literacy. She is very interested in the work of increase students' source-critical ability, which begins in the preschool class. She has lectured at several school library conferences around Sweden. She lives in Linköping with her husband and two children, 5 and 7 years old.