LGBTQ Curriculum Inclusion

The Role of the School Library


  • Elizabeth Gartley MC School



LGBT, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


Research has found that LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum improves the school experiences and achievement of all students, LGBTQ and straight. The school library has a unique opportunity to support a safe learning environment and provide a more accurate representation of the diversity of the world through LGBTQ inclusion. This paper provides school librarians working in a variety of cultural and political settings strategies to support LGBTQ inclusion through identifying barriers, reviewing library policies, assessing the information needs of LGBTQ students, providing access to information, and promoting LGBTQ inclusion in the library and in the classroom.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Gartley, MC School

Elizabeth Gartley earned her Masters of Library and Information Science from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She has worked as a school librarian in Samoa, the United States, and the Dominican Republic. Her professional interests include human rights and social justice education, serving LGBTQ students, the role of leisure reading and comic books in literacy, and guided inquiry.