Information literacy as an advocacy tool by Indonesian school libraries: an APISI study


  • Hanna Chaterina George Association of Indonesian School Information Professionals (APISI-Asosiasi Pekerja Profesional Informasi Sekolah Indonesia)



Advocacy, APISI, Information literacy, school library association, Indonesia


This paper is a longer version and further elucidation of the version written for IFLA Conference entitled The role of national associations in advocating for school libraries: The case of Indonesia” by the author and Diljit Singh. It will outline in more detail APISI’s study on information literacy. APISI is one of the nationally recognized library associations in Indonesia that has actively promoted information literacy as an advocacy tool. This paper will discuss APISI’s history, program and activities. It describes the sequential development of events and studies of information literacy conducted over the years highlighting the importance of school libraries in Indonesia and the significant role that school librarians play in information literacy, independent learning and responsible citizenship. The goal of APISI is to formulate a long term advocacy strategy to benefit school communities and all school library stakeholders.